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Ever since we started our operations online, we have kept adding new products, improving information flow, and expanding our services to you. Now, there are more than 500 products at and they are accessible to you 24/7. Each product sports an extensive description, a close-up picture and many times there are options to further customize your order by selecting various textile patterns or modifying the product style and size. Finally, we have focused on answering your email within 24 hours and have added a dedicated phone line with a message board to further facilitate your communication with us.


Yet, perhaps the best feature of is not what you see, but what we are as a business. We are truly independent, which means we bring you the merchandise you want and pay no royalties to any entity. We are also very flexible. The lack of overhead, such as a retail outlet, a dedicated 24/7 telephone staff, and commissioned sales personnel, means lots of savings to you. The Internet creates this direct marketing business model that facilitates information flow between you and us, and helps us adapt to serve your needs quickly and efficiently.


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Orthodox & Catholic Christian products 4 your church

Vestments, Cassocks, Chalice Sets, Crosses, Icons, & much more...



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Pick up a wide variety of religious items -- from clothing to general church supplies. You will find an incredible selection of Orthodox Christian vestments, mitres, sticharions, epitrachelions, under-cassocks, outer-cassocks, sacred vessels, chalice veils, covers & hangings, vigil lamps & censers, crosses and more...



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Extensive Selection @ Internet Prices... Here you will discover the rich art of Orthodox Christianity.

* Hand-Painted Icons (reproductions, tempera on wood) located at

* Embossed Icons (mass-produced reproductions) located at



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In this category you will find brand new Eastern Orthodox Liturgical Vestures (Greek or Russian style) for bishops, priests, deacons, sub-deacons and altar boys.


Liturgical clothing serves as a reminder of the beauty and magnificence of our call as Orthodox Christians: to worship God with our whole being -- body, mind and soul. Those are distinctive garments worn by clergy during liturgy and other church ceremonies.



OCC102 Velvet Complete Set of Priestly Clothing (Greek or Russian Style) with Embroideries


This is a brand new priestly set of vestments (Russian style) tailored with high-quality cotton velvet adorned with metallic-thread embroideries (religious motifs). Also, all parts are trimmed with golden metallic-thread galloons. This premium quality set of priestly clothing is woven following the long-established canons of the Christian church.

CC905 Brocade Set of Clothing (Greek Style): Purple Bishop's Vestments with Dark-Purple Ornaments (Crosses)

CC140 Complete Set of Clothing (Greek Style): Ivory Priestly Vestments with Indigo Embroideries

CC138 Complete Set of Clothing (Greek Style): White Polyester Vestments with Silvery Galloons





Each set of priestly vestments consists of a phelonion (chasuble), a sticharion (alb), an epitrachelion (stole), a zone (belt-like cincture), cuffs (epimanika), and an epigonation (palitsa).

CC517 Complete Set of Clothing: Gold Priestly Vestments with Golden Ornaments (Russian Style)

CC137 Complete Set of Clothing: Polyester Priestly Vestments with Silvery Galloons (Greek Style)
Complete Set of Clothing: Ruby Priestly Vestments with Golden Ornaments (Greek Style)

CC130 Complete Set of Clothing: Indigo Priestly Vestments with Golden Crosses (Greek Style)
CC122 Complete Set of Clothing: Green Priestly Vestments with Golden Ornaments (Greek Style)






Each set of bishop’s vestments (Episcopal vesture) consists of a sakkos (saccos), a sticharion (alb), omophorions (a small and a large pall), an epitrachelion (a stole), a zone (a belt-like cincture), cuffs (epimanika) and an epigonation (a palitsa). Please, take into consideration that each order is custom-tailored to your set of individual measurements and all accessories (embroideries and/or color of the sticharion) are chosen to match your vestments’ textile.


Each set of deacon’s vestments consists of a sticharion (an alb), an orarion (an orar, a stole) and cuffs (epimanika, manacles).  Each set of sub-deacon’s vestments consists of a sticharion (an alb) and an orarion (an orar, a stole).

OCC007 Polyester Set of Priestly Vestments (Armenian Style)

OCC302 Polyester Set of Deacon's Vestments (Armenian Style)
Brocade Set of White Bishop's Vestments with Yellow&Golden Ornaments

OCC201 Polyester Subdeacon's Vestments
OCC320 Liturgical Brocade Set of Deacon's Vestments (Short-Orarion Style)






In this category, you will find a variety of STICHARIONS (plain design, with embroidered appliques or brocade band decorations).

A sticharion (Gr. Stichar, Lat. Alb; Sl. Podriznik) is the long white undergarment of the clergy, with close sleeves, worn under the phelonion (chasuble) or the sakkos.





AL007  White Sticharion with Golden Galloons


This is a brand new sticharion tailored in white crepe-satin polyester, trimmed with golden, metallic-thread galloons around the neck and down, close to the feet.  Of premium quality, this clothing is woven following the long-established canons of the Christian church.


AL016 Light-Blue Sticharion with Golden Galloons & Fringes
AL015 Light-Purple Sticharion with Golden Galloons & Fringes
AL017 Grey Sticharion with Golden Galloons & Fringes
AL106 White Sticharion with Indigo Brocade Band

AL003 Golden Sticharion with Golden Galloons

AL004 Orange Sticharion with Golden Galloons







In this category, you will find our exquisite selection of Epitrachelions.


An EPITRACHELION (Gr: "about the neck"; a stole) is one of the most important vestments hanging from the neck, down to the feet. An Orthodox priest must wear this particular vestment to perform a sacrament. The epitrachelion signifies the double portion of grace bestowed on a priest, for the celebration of the Mysteries.




EP117 Double-Sided Brocade Epitrachilion (Golden and Funeral)


This brand new double-sided Epitrachelion (stole) is made of liturgical brocade (a highly ornamented fabric): the front side is golden brocade with interwoven golden silk-thread symbolic signs, trimmed with golden metallic-thread galloons and adorned with embroidered crosses; the back side is black brocade with interwoven silvery metallic-thread ornaments (crosses, birds and other religious motifs), trimmed with silvery-thread galloons (mourning or funeral stole). This premium quality vesture is woven following the long-established canons of the Christian church.


EP124 Ruby Brocade Epitrachilion with Golden Ornaments (Chalice and Cherubs)

OEP001 Polyester Epitrachelion with Golden Galloons
EP115 Golden Brocade Epitrachilion with Golden Galloons
EP123 Gold Brocade Epitrachelion with Ruby Ornaments (Crosses in Squares)

EP128 Sage Brocade Epitrachilion with Golden Ornaments (Crosses in Circles)

OEP102 Ruby Velvet Epitrachelion with Embroidered Ornaments





In this category, you will immerse in the world of UNDER-CASSOCKS (Gr. Anteri, Rhason or Rason; Sl. Podrasnik or Podriasnik; Inner Cassock; Mantija) and OUTER-CASSOCKS (Gr. Exo-Rason or Exorasson; Sl. Ryassa or Riassa).

Under- and outer cassocks are non-liturgical robes worn by Orthodox clergy both as ordinary daily clothing (their out-of-doors and domestic distinct attire) and underneath "liturgical robes" (vestments which are worn during church services).




CU009 Black Double-Breasted Under-Cassock (Greek Style) with Embroidery

This is a brand new best selling Under-Cassock (Greek style) tailored in middle-weight, wash-and-wear black polyester that drapes beautifully and has deep color tones. Beautiful and long-lasting, it is good for both everyday wear and special occasions.  This unlined clerical garment includes the following tailoring features:

- front side: double-breasted with functional button closure at the collar and at the waist, with a  welt pocket at the chest  (on the left)

- back side: with a seam on the waist and two side back pleats for comfortable movement

- concealed left and right full pockets, sleeves with cuffs decorated with buttons

- appropriate color embroidery and piping around the collar, the cuffs, down the front panel and edging on the pockets.

CU007 Black/ Grey/ White Under-Cassock with Buttons and Embroidered Belt

CU002 Indigo Double-Breasted Under-Cassock (Greek Style, with Side Back Pleats)

CU005 Indigo Single-Breasted Under-Cassock (Greek Style, with Gathers and Cord)

CU004 Black Single-Breasted Under-Cassock (Greek Style, with Side Back Pleats)

CU006 Black/ Grey/ White Satin Under-Cassock (Greek Style, with Elastic Cord)




Your clothing is made to order.  Therefore, if you have a different preference, please let us know, and we will make it the way you like. Each design is available custom tailored in other fabrics, sizes, and colors.

OCU401 Cassock with Sash (Roman Style, Western Rite)

OCU200 Light-Weight Cassock (Greek Style, Close-Fitting Sleeves, Breathable Cloth)
Light-Weight Cassock (Russian Style)

OCU505 Winter Outer Cassock (Russian Style) - Overcoat
OCU501 Light-Weight Under-Cassock (Russian Style, Plain Design or with Piping & Embroidery)

OCU201 Light-Weight Cassock (Greek Style, Broad Sleeves)

OCU206 Light-Weight Cassock (Greek Style, Broad Sleeves, with Ruby Trimming)






Here, you will explore the Kalimata sets (two chalice veils and an aer).


An Aer (Sl. Vozdukh) is the largest of the three veils used for covering the diskos and the chalice during or after the Eucharist. It represents the shroud of Christ. When the creed is read, the priest shakes the aer over the chalice, symbolizing the descent of the Holy Spirit. The Coverlets are the small covers which drape over the chalice and the diskos. The aer and the coverlets represent the swaddling clothes in which Jesus Christ was wrapped after birth, as well as His burial shroud.



AC049 White Brocade Set of Chalice Veils (Aer and 2 Coverlets)

Each set of chalice veils consists of an aer (approx. dimensions: 29 1/8" x 20 1/2") and two coverlets (approx. dimensions: 18 1/2" x 18 1/2").


 This kalimata set is tailored in white liturgical brocade with interwoven yellow and golden metallic-thread religious symbolic signs (crosses), trimmed with golden metallic-thread fringes, adorned with crosses (embroidered or made from galloons). The chalice veils are woven following the long-established canons of the Christian church.


Ordering Options: You may purchase ONLY in addition to your set of priestly/ bishop's clothing, e.g. using the same textile. Please, ask for more options.

AC045 Velvet Set of Chalice Veils (Aer and 2 Coverlets, with Еmbroidered Ornaments)
AC008 Golden Set of Chalice Veils (Aer and 2 Coverlets)
AC016 Ruby Set of Chalice Veils (Aer and 2 Coverlets, Crosses with Beads)
AC515 Purple Set for Altar: Curtain for Royal Doors, Table Cover and Cover for Tetrapod

AC055 White Polyester Set of Chalice Veils (Aer and 2 Coverlets)

AC500 Velvet Analogion Cover with Cross (Classic Design)






Unearth a multitude of CHALICES (Gr. Potirion; Sl. Vozduh; Communion Cups), DISKOSES (Patens), STARLETS (Gr. "little stars;" Sl. Zvezditsa, Asterisk), SPEARS (Lance, Lonche), SPOONS, CHALICE SETS for Liturgy, ANOINTING STICKS, ZEONS and TRAYS, PROSPHORA SEALS, LITYA SETS, etc. These are sacred vessels used by bishops, priests and other clergy during the Catholic/Orthodox Christian liturgy.





CS120 Brass Litya Set with Engravings


This brand new brass Litiya Set, adorned with religious engravings, consists of a couple of parts stuck together: the TRAY (approx. dimensions: 15 3/4” in diameter), a small DISKOS (approx. dimensions: 6 2/7” in diameter, 3 1/2” in height) placed in the center, a CANDLESTICK (approx. dimensions: 6” in width, 7 7/8” in height), and three STANDS FOR CUPS with their covers adorned with crosses on top (approx. dimensions: 2 1/3” in diameter, 6 2/7” overall height). This prime quality Litiya Set has been crafted following the long-established canons of the Christian church.


CS075 Brass Salver for Communion Bread

CS100 Gold-Plated Liturgy Set (Chalice, Diskos with Starlet, Spoon and Spear)
CS081 Nickel-Plated Zeon and Tray (Russian Style, Gold-Plated Inside Zeon)
CS055 Nickel-Plated Spoon and Spear

CS113 Double-Sided Prosphora Seal - SET OF THREE

CS072 Brass Liturgical Set for the Anointing of the Sick cs_print

Text Box:  CENSERS



Uncover a multitude of CENSERS (Gr. Thymiato; Sl. Kadillo)…


A Hanging Censer is a metal vessel, that hangs on chains, used in church ceremonies for burning incense. The thurible is usually filled with glowing ember, charcoal and incense. Symbolic of incessant prayer, burning incense repels evil spirits, unholy thoughts and impious cravings. Use censers to establish the awe-inspiring religious mood typical of most Eastern Orthodox churches.



CE002  Brass Hand-Held Censer


This is a brand new hand-held brass Censer (4" in diameter, 4" in height) used for burning incense. It includes a lid with a cross on top and a handle to carry and open the cover (as pictured). The thurible is usually filled with glowing ember, charcoal and incense. Symbolic of incessant prayer, burning incense repels evil spirits, unholy thoughts and impious cravings.


CE020 2 1/4 lb Church Incense with Essence
CE105 Gold-Plated Holy Week Censer with Colored Enamel (Russian Style)
CE051 Brass Censer with Relief Ornaments
CE102 Gold-Plated Censer

CE103 Brass Censer with Ruby-Red Beads



Text Box:




Light upon Liturgix’ Originals collection of vigil lamps (standing and hanging)…


Hanging VIGIL LAMPS are used for illuminating your church and, particularly, the icons in the church. Used for home devotion, standing vigil lamps are ideal to brighten up the worship space or small displays of icons at your home.




IL052 Brass Hanging Vigil Lamp with Ruby/Indigo/Sage Ornaments&Beads and Pendant Cross


This is a brand new brass Hanging Vigil Lamp (length of chain: 15 2/3"; body's height: 7"; body's width: 5 1/2") adorned with a pendant cross, colored resin ornaments (in ruby/ indigo/ sage) and beads (in ruby/ indigo/ sage). It is a religious artifact used for illuminating your church worship space and the icons in your church. The vigil lamp is made following the long-established traditions of the Christian church. It is an indelible addition to any religious collection. It would also make for a wonderful church donation or gift.


IL151 A Brass Triple-Branched Oil Candelabrum with Ruby & Sage Beads

IL056 A Gold-Plated Hanging Vigil Lamp with Enamel and Sage Beads
IL025 A Nickel-Plated Standing Vigil Lamp
IL150 A Brass Triple-Branched Candelabrum

IL023 A Brass Standing Vigil Lamp with Ruby/ Indigo/ Sage Ornaments and Ruby/ Indigo/ Sage Beads
IL052 A Brass Hanging Vigil Lamp with Indigo Ornaments & Beads and a Pendant Cross





In this category you may find Eastern Orthodox and Catholic CROSSES: unique brass and nickel-plated altar, blessing and pectoral crosses.


The hand cross is used in blessing and preaching and symbolizes the bishop's office of teaching and sanctifying his flock.


The pectoral cross is worn around the neck, over the clothing by bishops and priests as a reminder that they should not merely carry Christ in their hearts, but also confess to Him in the face of all men.



CR302 A Bishop’s Pectoral Cross with Ruby/ Indigo/ Sage Beads & Decorations (with a Chain)


This is a brand new brass- or nickel-plated Pectoral Cross (2 3/4" x 6", length of chain: 39 2/5") used by the Bishop during various church ceremonies (over the saccos and omophorion) and at all other occasions (over the riassa). It is adorned with a figure of Christ crucified, colored resin ornaments and beads (in ruby-red/ sage-green/ indigo-blue color).


CR206 Priestly Three-Barred Pectoral Cross (Brass, with Chain)
CR004 Brass Blessing Cross with Ruby Decorations

CR101 Nickel-Plated Holy Water Blessing Cross (Large Size)
CR006 Brass Altar Cross (Classic Style, on Stand)
CR011 Brass Blessing Cross (Lace-Like Design)

CR216 Priestly Three-Barred Pectoral Cross (Brass, with Chain) with Engravings





If you couldn't find what you were looking for, check out our MISCELLANEOUS CHURCH SUPPLIES category.

Here you will find more Liturgical items, including wedding crowns, epitaphios, holy communion cloths, bishop’s head coverings (skouphia, skufiya), priestly head coverings in Russian or Greek styles (kalymauki, kamilafki, kamalavki), klobuks, hat veils, priestly jackets and shirts, and much more...



MI572 A Hand-Embroidered Banner with Jesus Christ (Gonfalon)

This is a brand new Banner or a Horougva (approx. dimensions: 26” x 55”), adorned with an icon image of Jesus Christ (the icon’s approx. dimensions: are 15 3/4" x 11 4/5"), hand-embroidered with metallic-threads. The banner is made of high-quality natural purple velvet and is fully lined in a matching color crepe-satin material (on the back side). It is decorated with precious metallic-thread, hand-embroidered religious ornaments and crosses adorned with stones, trimmed with golden metallic galloons and fringes.

MI016 Brass Set of Wedding Crowns Adorned with Blue, Ruby and Green Beads

MI302 Bishop's Skophia with a Button

MI522 Clerical Shirt with Pocket (Short/ Long Sleeves)

MI059 Antimens (Antiminsion, Antiminsia)

MI350 Black Klobuk (Greek or Russian Style) - Kamaliavki & Veil

MI062 Brass Set of Dikiri and Trikiri (Dikirotrikera)

MI051 Hand-Embroidered Epitaphios (Decorated with Religious Ornaments and Slavonic Quotes)





Here you will stumble upon more Liturgical items including tabernacles, single-, double-, & triple- candlesticks, baptismal boxes, dikirotrikeras (sets of dikiri & trikiri), portable communion sets, consecration bowls and much more.


MI032 A Brass Mold-Casting of a Triple-Branched Candlestick

MI116 A Gold-Plated Portable Communion Set with the Crucifixion on the Cover
A Gold-Plated Portable Communion Set

MI130 A Brass Double-Branched Applique with a Cherub (for 2 Bulbs)
MI111 A Brass Baptismal Box

MI039 A Nickel-Plated Altar Candlestick

MI001 A Brass Tabernacle with a Drawer (Gold-Plated Inside)






Decorate your church & your home with the precious Orthodox HOLY ICONS, which are hand-painted on a massive wood frame using traditional materials (egg tempera, natural powder paint) and authentic artisan techniques.


All are handwork reproductions of original icons, dating back to the Middle Ages and found inside churches throughout Europe. You will receive a unique icon, which is handmade with utmost care and craftsmanship.




SH18 Chirst Pantocrator (Size: 11 4/5" x 15 3/4")
Resurrection of Christ (Size: 11 4/5" x 15 3/4")

JD46 Iconostasis Cross (Size: 19 2/3" x 21 1/4")
PIC17 Entry into Jerusalem (Size: 11 4/5" x 15 3/4")
JD38 The Blessed Holy Trinity (Size: 7 7/8" x 11 4/5")
JD05 The Virgin Eleousa with Child (Size: 6 2/3" x 8 2/3")

JD12 The Virgin Eleousa with Child (Size: 6 2/3" x 8 2/3")

PIC01 St. Markos (Size: 7 7/8" x 9 5/6")





Our selection of Christian hand-painted icons covers various subjects, schools and sizes. Icon themes depict significant sacred persons and/or religious scenes:

* The Evangelists & Apostles

* The Theotokos

* Events in the Life of Christ

* Our Lord and the Holy Trinity

* The Saints & Angels


PIC20 Jesus Christ the Great Prelate (Size: 9 5/6" x 11 4/5")

M11 Archangel Michael (Size: 7 2/3" x 11 4/5")
St. Minas (Size: 6 2/3" x 8 2/3")

JD31 St. Nicholas (Size: 6 2/3" x 8 2/3")
JD11 St. George (Size: 6 2/3" x 8 2/3")

PIC02 St. Constantine and Helena (Size: 8 2/3" x 11 4/5")

SH09 Chirst Pantocrator (Size: 11 4/5" x 15 3/4")

JD06 St. John the Baptist (Size: 6 2/3" x 8 2/3")






With a wide selection of great and inexpensive EMBOSSED ICONS, this section offers the collector an opportunity to re-discover the beauty of Christian artisanry. All icons are made of ecological materials, such as wood, grounds, tempera paints, gold covers, natural varnishes and patina and are reproductions of original icons from the Middle Ages.






ZK24 The Virgin from Vladimir (Size: 8" x 11 3/7")

ZK08 Altar Cross (Size: 5 1/2" x 8 2/3")
ZK49 The Mother of God (Size: 7 2/3" x 9 5/6")
ZK06 Christ Pantocrator (Size: 9 5/6" x 11 4/5")
ZK21 St. Nicholas (Size: 5 1/2" x 8 2/3")

ZK91 The Mother of God with Angels (Size: 4 1/2" x 6")

ZK32 The Mother of God (Russia) (Size: 5 1/8" x 6 2/3")

ZK04 Christ Pantocrator (Size: 8 1/4" x 11")

ZK30 Altar Cross (Size: 8 1/4" x 11")










1. Please fill out the fields of the form in feet/ inches ('/ ") in the US; or centimeters (cm) elsewhere.


2. When taking these measurements please wear the type of clothing and shoes you would wear under vestments or cassock. The numbers before each measurement correspond to the chart above. Please view the chart carefully before taking the measurements. For more precise tailoring, we highly recommend that you have your measurements done by professional (in your local alterations shop).


3. Please attach this measurement chart to your order form.

Please provide us with the following measurements for each type of vestments as stated below:

a. Sticharion: all measurements from 2 to 15

b. Complete Set of Bishop, Priest, Deacon & Subdeacon Vestments: all from 2 to 15

c. Outer- & Under-Cassocks: all measurements from 2 to 15

d. Hat (Kamaliavki & Veil, Bishop Skophia, Priest Kalymauki, Monk Hat): measurement 1

Also, the measurement chart located at will specifically address any questions you have regarding how to take the measurements requested.  Please follow the chart instructions and ask us if you are unclear on any of those issues. The measurement chart is located at:

Each order is custom-tailored to your set of individual measurements. We do keep all that information on file for your convenience in placing orders in the future.  So, when you submit your correct measurements, all your orders in the future will be completed exactly to your specifications.





G36 White Textile with Yellow & Golden Communion Cups, Crosses and Cherubs

This traditional Greek style liturgical brocade (140 cm/ 55" in width, blend of 70% polyester silk, viskose and 30% cotton) is white colored textile with yellow outlines and interwoven golden silk-thread and metallic-thread religious motifs (communion cups, crosses and cherubs).









TM01 Middle-Weight, Sand-Like Polyester

Ideal for both under- and outer-cassocks this 100% polyester offers excellent draping qualities, resists wrinkling and is incredibly comfortable. Machine washable.


TM02 Thin Fine Polyester

This is very light-weight 100% fine polyester that resists wrinkling. Machine washable.


TM03 Satin Polyester

This middle-weight polyester satin is noted for its soft sheen and range of colors. An outstanding choice for under-cassocks, it is double-sided: satin-side (shiny) or soft-texture-side (not so shiny). Machine washable.


TM04 Viscose

This viscose (natural material) offers excellent qualities for hot climate (it keeps the body cool). Soft textured with tiny interwoven stripes. DRY CLEANING, needs ironing occasionally.


TM05 Cotton or Blend of Cotton and Polyester

No lustre, keeps cool, pleasant to wear in hot and humid climate. DRY CLEANING, needs ironing regularly.


TM06 Flax or Blend of Flax and Polyester

No lustre, keeps the body cool (proper to wear in hot and humid climate), breathable material. DRY CLEANING, needs ironing regularly.


TM07 Heavy-Weight Material Blend of Viscose, Cotton and Polyester

Noted for its durability, this heavier weight material blend of viscose, cotton and polyester is soft and comfortable to wear. Needs light ironing due to natural materials interwoven. DRY CLEANING, needs ironing occasionally.


TM11 Blend of Light-Flax, Cotton and Viscose

Breathable middle-weight material, no lustre, soft and pleasant to wear, excellent draping qualities, needs occasional ironing. Clothing tailored in this textile keeps the body cool and is comfortable to wear in hot and humid climate. DRY CLEANING, needs ironing occasionally.


TM12 Blend of Polyester and Viscose

Ideal for under-cassocks, this material is light-weight blend of polyester and viscose resists wrinkling and offers excellent color stability. Machine washable.


TM16 Blend of Natural Thin Wool and Polyester

This material is soft, excellent quality, lusterless. Also known as tropical wool as it is wide used for clothing used in hot climate. DRY CLEANING, needs ironing occasionally.



DRY CLEANING for cotton/flax/viscose/ wool materials. Wash polyester materials at low temperatures, using weak detergents. DO NOT BLEACH. Dry in an aired space inside out, and not exposed to direct sunlight (black dye fades). IRONING: use a low temperature setting and iron the vestments inside out.




DRY CLEANING ONLY. Remove all embroidered crosses and figures before cleaning. If you decide to iron the vestments use a low temperature and iron them inside out.



If you prefer to get a feel for the fabrics offered, we are ready to ship a FREE set of textile samples upon request. To be able to take advantage of this special option we encourage you to plan your purchases earlier (the delivery time period to receive the samples set is approx. 15-18 days).





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4. Customer Message or Comments:

Please specify all your additional requirements, if there are any, regarding your order, such as item specifications, shipping, deadlines, etc. Use one line for each item and start with item code. If faxing/ mailing this form you may need to put your comments on a seperate page










5. Shipping and Payment Method

Shipping method:

Regular / Express

Payment enclosed:

(Personal) Check / Money Order

Credit card:

VISA / Master Card / Discover / American Express

For Credit Card Payments Only.

Please fill in the following (also feel free to place your order over the phone or by fax):

Credit Card Account Number


Expiration Date:


Signature, Order date




* Order by email: You may submit your order online, which is the fastest method for order processing. Write us an email message with the information for your order (use the fields in this form) and send it via email directly to  (You may also scan the forms filled out and email them to us.) An order confirmation will be emailed back to you.  You’d know how soon your order would be completed and shipped out. (Please note: Do NOT email credit card information!  Credit card numbers may be submitted over the phone, via fax, by mail, or direclty online at

* Order by phone: You may order by calling us
, toll-free, at 1-866-Liturgix or at (847) 881-1084. Our representatives will be happy to take your phone order, complete your payment and answer all your questions.  If we are away, please leave a message with a phone number and a convenient time to reach you.


* Order by fax: Please fax in your order to 1-866-U-2-Fax-US (1-866-823-2987).  Please call us, toll-free, at 1-866-Liturgix to confirm the receipt of your fax.

* Order by mail: Please fill in and send your order to our mailing address:

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Pay by VISA/ MC, AMEX and DISOVER DIRECTLY at! You may also mail, fax, or call in your credit card payment. We accept personal and cashier's checks in US dollars drawn on US banks. We also accept money orders in US dollars. International payments may be made by American Express money order or signed American Express or VISA Travellers Checks in US dollars. (If you prefer other currencies, please let us know)



We accept personal and cashier's checks in US dollars drawn on US banks. We also accept money orders in US dollars. International payments may be made by American Express money orders or signed American Express or VISA Travellers Checks in US dollars. Please mail your check payments directly to our bank for instant processing:


Chase By Mail


P. O. Box 32750

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Please make your personal check, bank draft or money order payable to and advise that it is deposited into Acct # 1803-815-258. Please note that any order instructions, details and other communication should be directed to Liturgix via email, mail, fax, phone or online at





In Section 3: Your Order Details, please fill out the fields of the form in capital letters:
* Item code
, item name: the code and name of the item you purchase (Ref. see the price list enclosed).
* Fabric code
: specify when you purchase clothing or item with ordering options for textile.
* Price
: the price of the item (Ref. see the price list enclosed). Note that this is the price per 1 unit.
* S&H
: Shipping and Handling charges per 1 unit (Ref. see the price list enclosed). If ordering more than 1 unit you should multiply the quantity by S&H cost stated in the price list. 
* Qty
: the quantity of this item you would like to purchase.
* Total
: multiply price by quantity for each separate line.
* SubTotal
: add all total amounts (vertical sum).
* Discount
: the amount of discount (in USD) you use with your coupon. Note that discount applies to Price of the item only but not S&H costs.
* Total S/H
: add all S&H amounts (vertical sum)
: calculate this following the formula: [SubTotal] + [Total S&H] - [Discount].





All items ship directly from Europe via registered airmail (regular shipping) or express courier service (priority shipping). Please allow 4-6 weeks upon payment to receive your order.


Regular airmail delivery time frames vary from 15-18 days and may sometimes reach up to 30 days due to Customs and Air Traffic variations. takes responsibility for the work order completion period as stated in your Payment Confirmation Message (via email) and guides you on the delivery periods for regular and express shipping. 


If your order is a gift and/or you need it delivered by a specific date, you may be advised to use the express courier service (priority S/H costs specified). The express delivery is guaranteed on time (it takes approx. 5-7 business days to deliver the package).


Please note that all orders are carefully reviewed and are subject to our approval. On occasion, an order may be cancelled due to product discontinuation, non-payment or other miscellaneous reasons.  We are not responsible for typographical errors.  On rare occasions, prices and availability are subject to change prior to shipment. Should the latter occur, you will be notified by email and/or by phone, and will have the option to accept these changes, select a different product or cancel the order.




To qualify for a specific promotion, your order must be placed during the promotional period specified, paid for in a reasonable time, and must meet all of the requirements stated in the special offer.   Unless otherwise stated, a coupon may NOT be combined with any other discount-based offers.




We ship the products described.


Refunds or exchanges are issued if we ship the wrong product or a product that is different from the one ordered.  Please contact us for further instructions.




Clothing is shipped based on the measurements and comments customers provide. Please make sure you submit accurate measurements and include specific comments and the preferences you may have. Should there be the need for final adjustments, you’d need to ship back the clothing item to us. We complete the final adjustments as requested. Then, we ship it back to you. If we cannot fulfill the order requirements, we issue a refund.



Many stores may assess a 10-30% re-shelving fee on returns.




LITURGIX.COM reworks all returns and sends them back to the customer for FREE.  Unless otherwise indicated, you are responsible for the shipping charges to LITURGIX.COM.  Please contact us for further instructions regarding your return and/or exchange.   



1- Contact LITURGIX.COM via email or phone right away.

2- Provide a written explanation of the issues (via email or mail).

3- When authorized, ship back the item to the address on your package.

4- Once the package is received, you will be emailed further information on the status of your order.



LITURGIX.COM will issue refunds for all authorized returns that cannot be exchanged or reworked.


All refunds issued will exclude any shipping charges associated with the order.



At, we constantly strive to improve your church and your liturgy. One of the ways we’ve been achieving that is by keeping our prices low.  Another way we’ve helped your church is by expanding our product offering, so that we now carry more than 500 different products each day.  Finally, we started shipping out the CDLog, an electronic (CD Catalog) version of the LITURGIX.COM store.


As you know, offers the following liturgical religious products: custom-made vestments, cassocks, sticharions, epitrachelions, chalice veils, sacred vessels, icons and many other liturgical and church accessories.  All of that, and a few newsletters, are included in this CDLog on this CD.  And the best part of it all: it’s really easy to use!!! 



Just insert the CD into your PC CD drive and start browsing the LITURGIX.COM aisles.


The LITURGIX.COM CDLog 10.x  is designed to facilitate your experience with  You will find our product offering along with prices, descriptions, color pictures and additional supplemental material.


The LITURGIX.COM CDLog 10.x includes a multitude of files which may be viewed one by one or in an Internet browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. 



Starting your experience is easy.  Just double-click the START.HTM file located in the main folder of the CD or, if that doesn’t work, go to the index.html file in the CDLog folder and you may start exploring the LITURGIX.COM aisles.... 

(Please note that some computers may not recognize the .htm file right away.  If that happens, use Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator browsers to open those files.)


You may also review:

The Liturgix' Originals (printed materials in full color): see Liturgix_Originals folder.

The products' descriptions in MS Word format (text files): see Descriptions folder.

The products' pictures viewable in any Image Viewer (JPG files):  see Pictures folder.

The updated price quote in MS Excel format (a spreadsheet file) see Prices folder.



Any PC or Apple computer with a CD drive.




Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE), Netscape Navigator or other Internet browser.  All of this software is free and may be downloaded from and respectively, if not available on your computer.




All information provided herein is as is and there is no implicit or explicit warranty for the use of this product. 




All rights reserved.  All information provided is copyright material.  All logos and trademarks are property of LITURGIX.COM.




The LITURGIX.COM CDLog may not be reproduced by competitors for their developmental purposes.   While you may share this CDLog with others and make copies for them, any type of mass production activity must be coordinated with LITURGIX.COM.